Boda Sawmill in Dalarna AB

Boda Sawmill, located in Svärdsjö,  Our sawmill has 15 dedicated employees who together produce up to 45,000 m³ of sawn timber per year in spruce.
Our expertise and experience make us a reliable partner.
We are certified and can offer recognized certified products.

The past, with a 130 year long history

With a history dating back to 1890, Boda Sawmill AB has a long and solid background in timber production. It started with a call from the residents of Boda to build a steam sawmill for sawing and selling forest products. The shares were 50 kronor and 27 farms subscribed for 73 shares. After further share subscriptions and a starting capital of 15,050 kronor, the sawmill was ready by Midsummer 1891. In the beginning, Boda sawmill had 16 employees working as machinists, stokers, sawyers, auxiliary sawyers, canters, ribblasters, loggers, boardyard workers, and lumber sorters. Production increased and by the turn of the century, it had reached a production of 12,000 logs per year. The transports were handled by horses until 1917 when the company bought its first truck, a Scania Vabis. However, the horses continued to be used in the forest until the 1960s.



After the mid-1960s, Boda Sawmill AB began modernizing its operations to meet the increased demands for quality and efficiency. It put in two frames, built a new planing and adjustment facility, and introduced machinery for chipping waste. A drying facility was built to increase the turnover time for logs and trucks now handled the handling of timber and finished products. Over the years, the following people have been sawmill managers: Daniels Anders Jansson, Johan Viklund, Andreas Andersson, Anders Larsson, Karl Larsson, Göte Eriksson, and Gunnar Björs. They have all contributed to the company's development and success by leading and driving the business forward.



Despite hard work and commitment, the company was no longer able to compete in an economic crisis and went bankrupt in 1991. The sawmill was sold to Börje Törnberg and named TörnTrading AB. The company later changed its name to Boda Såg i Dalarna AB. During the period that Börje Törnberg ran the sawmill, investments were made in a grading line, new chamber driers and a biofuel boiler. In February 2021, Börje sold the sawmill to his sons Dan Törnberg and Christoffer Ljungkvist, who acquired it through Ljungträ AB.

The present time

Dan and Christoffer have changed the company's focus and now only saw softwood timber in spruce and about 90,000 m³ of roundwood is consumed each year.

Today, Boda Sawmill is a well-being, environmentally aware and progressive company that has made decisions about several future investments to keep up with the times. The company continues to develop and aims to offer high-quality timber products to its customers. In 2022, the company was nominated as one of four companies for the export company of the year in Dalarna.

-: Our vision is that even after 100 years, there will still be a small sawmill in Bodaviken.

In 2022, Boda Såg has 15 employees and produces up to 45,000 m³ of sawn timber products per year.

With over 100 years of experience in sawmilling and wood product production, we are a reliable partner for your wood product needs in spruce.



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Boda Såg I Dalarna AB
790 23 Svärdsjö, SWEDEN

Tel: +46 246-511 30

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We guarantee

Boda sawmill in Dalarna AB guarantees by our suppliers that the timber is not derived from:

  • Illegal disforestation
  • Forest areas where traditional or civic rights abuses
  • Forests where high conservation values are threatened
  • Genetically engineered trees
  • Natural forests that have been fell for the purpose to use the area to plantations or non-forest use.