Sawn wood products and sizes

Sawn timber in Spruce 4m and 3.6m

We offer high-quality wooden products in spruce from Dalarna, manufactured with consideration for the environment and with a focus on local resources. Our timber comes from the local area, which minimizes the environmental impact by avoiding long timber transports.

Sawn timber is a fantastic material to build with, thanks to its natural strength and beauty.
It is also a sustainable alternative to, for example, plastic and steel, as it can be recycled and reused over and over again.

Our spruce products are of the highest quality and are delivered directly from the sawmill, which guarantees that you get the very best wood for your projects or production.

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Wood products which we cut and can offer:

  • Spruce in qualities  OS-V, VI och VII
  • Kiln dries to KD16%, KD14% och KD12%
  • Lengths 4,0m och 3,6m
  • Sizes in
  • 32x100/125/150, 38x100/125/150,
  • 44x75/84/100/125/150,
  • 50X100/115/125/150 (all cut 2 ex log)
  • Sideboards 19x75, 19x100, 22x75 och 22x100


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Boda Såg I Dalarna AB
790 23 Svärdsjö, SWEDEN

Tel: +46 246-511 30

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We guarantee

Boda sawmill in Dalarna AB guarantees by our suppliers that the timber is not derived from:

  • Illegal disforestation
  • Forest areas where traditional or civic rights abuses
  • Forests where high conservation values are threatened
  • Genetically engineered trees
  • Natural forests that have been fell for the purpose to use the area to plantations or non-forest use.